About Us:

MEKATRO Mechatronic Systems Research and Development Ltd. Company is founded by academicians at Istanbul Technical University (ITU) ARI TECHNO-ZONE in 2011. Staff of the company consists of university academicians, store PhD., MSc. and undergraduate students.Main study area of MEKATRO is designing and prototyping of intelligent mechatronics systems. In this context the followings are some of the research and development areas: Electromechanical system design, pills power electronics circuit design, printed circuits and microelectronic circuits design, control systems design and embedded software. MEKATRO is one of the well-known R&D Company in Turkey with its innovative designs in mechatronics systems in general, electric vehicle drive systems in particular.

Brief History:

The first establishment of MEKATRO Co. Inc. was in 2004 in the Technology Free Zone at Marmara Research Center of the Scientific and Technical Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK). The company was formed by few academicians from Istanbul Technical University and Turkish Automobile Factory (TOFA?). The main motivation at that time was to develop and implement innovative mechatronics systems for automotive Industry. The direct drive linear power seat motion control system and in wheel hub drive system of hybrid electric vehicles are worth to mention among many projects. Later in 2010 company was abolished and joined to R&D Research Center of TOFA?.  Some researches of MEKATRO are still continuing their work there. As mentioned above, MEKATRO R&D has been re-established in 2011 at ITU ARI TECHNO_ZONE as Ltd. Company and continuing its operations since then.

Main R&D Subjects of MEKATRO

  • The design competency on rotary and linear electric machines.
  • Design of the power-electronics converters and software for their control.
  • Design of drive systems for electric vehicles.
  • Automotive mechatronics applications.
  • Design of Machine to Machine (M2M) systems integrating with the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Develop embedded innovative software solutions.
  • Vehicle communication applications.
  • Wireless energy transmission.
  • Development of a Battery Management System.
  • Real time control systems developments through DSPs or FBGAs.
  • Design of flexible control systems by using Rapid Control Prototyping and Hardware in the Loop techniques.
  • Design and control of electromechanical actuators.
  • Design of renewable energy systems.
  • Development of energy efficient systems.